The Western Swing Society was established in Sacramento in 1981. It's mission is the preservation and promotion of Western Swing Music as an American jazz art form. The Society achieves it's goals by presenting regular public dances with live Western Swing music, by giving financial assistance to young students with an interest in becoming Western Swing musicians, and by maintaining a Western Swing Hall of Fame honoring individuals whose performance and efforts have contributed significantly to to preservation and promotion of western swing music.
The annual membership fee helps cover the costs of producing and mailing the monthly newsletter, of the monthly music meetings, and of general administration of the Society's operation.  Other sources of support funding are donations and admission and raffle ticket sales at our monthly music sessions.

The Society is governed by a Board of elected Directors and appointed officials. Elections are held annually, and the new Board makes staff appointments to best accomplish the mission of the Society.

About The Western Swing Society

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